Sunday, October 23, 2011

Strike A Pose - Meet The Faces Behind The Issues

        Mr. C
 "Whatever" attitude.
 Likes doing nothing.
 Senior of the bunch.
 Walks slow until I open the front door,
 then he's suddenly in a marathon.
 Never been married. Too much effort.
Left behind by a neighbor who
I heard was a stripper. Shame on her.
Not for stripping, but for leaving Jake homeless.
Waited for me every night in my parking spot.
Was a mess until I took him in.
Loves food, especially mine.
Had many girlfriends, but 'fixed Romeo' when he moved in.


Too pretty to be a boy.
Heart shaped nose. One green eye, one blue.
Likes to bother the other cats.
His best friend is Mr.C
Loves to cuddle with me, but puts me in lockdown mode
when I have to get up.
Very fidgety when not tired.
Single white male.

  My bodyguard.
  Never lets anyone or any cat around me without
  her approval.
  Picked her out of a bunch of screaming kittens --
  she was the only one facing the wall and didn't want
  to be bothered.
  Still has that same attitude.      
  No boyfriend. Too busy keeping an eye on me.

Rescued as a kitten from the side of the Las Vegas freeway.
Terrified of everyone and everything for months.
Love and patience finally turned her around.
She's now the most brave of the bunch.
Sashays around the house and flirts with my brother.                                                                                                                  
What else is there to say?
He's the baby of the bunch
and our in-house Movie Star.