Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stair Affair

Love at first sight?  Maybe.
Love at first stair?  Yes!

Ask my brother Gary, it happened to him....with Midnight, one of my cats.
I know, you're probably rolling your eyes, but I have to tell
you about this love story.

Midnight has green piercing eyes, silky fur, and a smooth meow.
She'll melt the hardest of hearts.
We rescued her from our veterinarian's office.
Someone dropped her off on the doorstep after finding her huddled and dying on the side of the
busy Las Vegas freeway. The vet warned us she may never come around and trust anyone again,
but we just couldn't walk away after hearing her story.

Days and weeks passed and slowly Midnight learned we weren't here to hurt her.

Now, enter my other cats: all of a sudden, they're working a surveillance job.
Monitoring every move Midnight makes, they talk among themselves about this
 "dysfunctional cat I brought home."
They gossip, lounge around drinking water, crunching on Party Mix Treats,
and talk about how this new feline needs to "get over it" and get on with her life.
After all, they don't have any 'issues.'

Anyway, Gary came over one day and Midnight was on the top of the stairs.
"Hey cutie," Gary said as he sat on the bottom step, "walk down here honey."

"Forget it, she doesn't talk to strangers, she hardly talks to me!"  I said.

Gary, his ego floating above him, ignored me.
He sat there for a long time cooing with a high pitched voice,
while his usual deep testosterone voice waited in the car.

"I guarantee she's going to run and hide any second now,
so don't let your charm go to your head just yet."
and sure enough, when Gary inched up one stair,
Midnight took off, gone for the day.

Better luck next time. and next time.

Same attempt every visit. Gary on the bottom stair, Midnight on the top,
Gary talking cat language, Midnight watching with wary eyes...
until one afternoon, she slowly moved down one stair.

Caught both of us off guard.

Gary inched up one stair. Midnight moved down one more,
Gary moved up one....until finally, they met in the middle.
Midnight jumped on his lap, squeaked, purred, cuddled, told him "you're the one!"
"I still have it!"  he said proudly.

"Wow, did you see that up there on surveillance!?" I asked the other cats.
After all this time and after the vet said she'll never "come around,"
I watched her abandon her fears in the arms of my brother.

Now, every time Gary visits, wherever Midnight is, she sashays into his open arms.
Fussing, squeaking, and purring (and I'm talking about Gary.)
Hallmark Greetings await.

Maybe it was the way Gary showed patience as she hesitated to come to him,
maybe it was Midnight finally giving in, believing it's time to trust someone.
I do know in the end, love wins out, and if you show anyone, even animals, unconditional love,
most of the time it changes them for the better, and ourselves....even if it starts on the stairs.