Sunday, August 29, 2010

My cats and mom

The morning my mother passed away, it rained for the first time in months.
That night, thunder rolled and lightning filled the sky.
My cats scattered, the house was quiet.

I found Mickey cuddled on her bed, on her housecoat, still bunched up
near her pillow from the frantic night in April when I called the paramedics.
Mickey has never once gone in her room when she was here,
it was off limits to all the cats. Mom would joke about how she didn't want them to take
her jewelry or read her memos.

The next morning, I found Midnight on her bed, sound asleep,
then April. It was as if they were taking turns grieving for mom.
Pierre was the most restless. He wouldn't relax, kept walking by her room,
meowing. I even took him to the vet recently to make sure nothing was wrong,
but when I told the vet about mom, she said his restlessness is his broken heart.
Jake and Mr. C now sleep by her empty chair.

They have never been this quiet.

I'm sure in the upcoming weeks and months they will be romping around again, causing all kinds of chaos, because after all, my cats have major problems, and I know sooner or later, I'm going to be romping along with them, weeding through their issues....but for now, they are in mourning,
and I feel comforted knowing they are here with me, and that they loved mom and miss her just as much as I do.