Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mr. C and Mom

I found Mr. C by mom's chair this morning. I think he misses her.
She's been in the hospital for over 2 months, and Mr. C knows
she's not around. He stands by her bedroom door and meows, as if crying.
then he walks into the kitchen and stands there for a long time like he lost his way.
There were many nights I would come home from work and find my mother
in her favorite chair watching TV, and Mr. C right there next to her. She would joke and
say her and "grandpa" just ate a snack and are getting ready to watch Larry King.

Just like my mom, Mr. C is up there in age.
He walks slower now, eats slower, and just doesn't feel
like playing anymore with the younger cats, especially Mickey, the youngest,
who is always tackling him ready to play a hard game of football.

I don't know when my mother will be home. She has a long road ahead of her.
Health is wealth. Even for cats. When any of them get sick, no matter what I do,
no matter what treats I offer them, they just don't want to be bothered until they're
feeling better.

I told mom today when I visited her that she has to get better and come home...
that Mr. C is waiting for her by her chair. I wanted her to say something like tell
"grandpa" I'll be home soon, or I miss him too, but she just looked at me and smiled.